Something Old, Something New

Confession: I’m probably the only person in the world who has seen Bridesmaids and cried during it.

Here’s the truth: at this moment in my life, I’m feeling more like an Annie than a Helen (even an end-of-the-movie Helen). My friends live across the country and for a long time, that was okay. We managed, through the wonder of chat and email and occasional trips to sunny and not-so-sunny destinations, to maintain real friendships. But time is like a steady stream over a rocky bed — just as the water wears them down, so too did time change us. My friends, my dear friends, who I love most of the time, got lives. Careers, not jobs. Steady boyfriends. Commitments and fun, and I… just stayed where I am. So I get where Annie (Kristen Wiig) was coming from when the Green Eyed Monster took over and started sabotaging (intentionally or not) all of her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph)’s wedding plans to get the one-up on new “best friend” (read: interloper), Helen (Rose Byrne).

The tears I shed weren’t entirely out of self-pity and recognition. Bridesmaids is a genuinely funny (and sometimes touching) movie. Some of the sight gags are ridiculous and adolescent, but Wiig is funnier here than I ever found her to be during her stint on Saturday Night Live. Maya Rudolph is also endearing as Annie’s lifelong best friend, and Rose Byrne brings a certain annoying perfection to her role as Helen. But the standout is Melissa McCarthy as sister-of-the-groom Megan. Despite some obvious plot points for her character, McCarthy gives the role 110% and is comedic relief at several key moments. One of my favourites involves Helen’s party favours from Lillian’s wedding shower. Hilarious!

Like at any good wedding, while Bridesmaids made me sentimental, it was also one hell of a party.



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