Another Year’s Over

I haven’t posted on this blog in forever, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is grad school, but I’ve got a bit of time now that the holidays are upon us again and I wanted to mention a few things that I’ve enjoyed lately.

I’ve just finished blazing through series one and two of the BBC’s Sherlock, just in time for series three in January. Despite Benedict Cumberbatch’s annoyingly excessive presence on social media, he really makes an exceptional detective and Martin Freeman is equally as good as the straight man, Dr. John Watson. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this show and I’m really, really looking forward to an explanation for season two’s finale.

I’ve just started Band of Brothers (finally! It was only released in 2001!), although I just saw Homeland‘s season 3 finale, so it’s a little too “OMG, Brody lives!” for me. It’s not Damian Lewis’s fault, though, and he’s a fine actor, so truth be told, I’m okay with his role in this. It looks like it’ll be good, despite the annoyingly dark fighting scenes. I do wonder if I’d rather take my chances with the Nazis than with Ross Gellar’s David Schwimmer’s character, though.

I have a number of books on my to-read list, but in all honesty, the last semester burned me out and I need a few days before I can really plunge into my reading pile. In the meantime, back to the trenches I go.


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