Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I just finished a series of books that I think could only be described as Serious Reading, so I wanted something light and sweet and enjoyable and boy, did I ever get that with this book. I actually debated giving it only 4 stars because I usually save my 5 stars for the aforementioned Serious Reading, or at least books that make me think, but this just hit the right spot and I enjoyed it so much that I felt bad leaving that last star off.

I won’t go into an in-depth discussion of what Attachments is about; you can read the summary elsewhere. All I can say is that I love Rainbow Rowell’s writing — I read Eleanor and Park last year, and also really enjoyed that book; Rowell has a way of writing sympathetic characters that aren’t cloying. They are self-deprecating but not pathetic. Ms. Rowell also has a way with words, sometimes writing things that I feel compelled to underline and quote. If that’s not enough for five stars, then maybe I should revisit my entire system.


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