Review: Modern Romance

Modern Romance
Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Approachable non-fiction is the unicorn of the book world. Most non-fiction I’ve come across is dry at best, and completely unintelligible at worst. Not so with Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari’s book on dating and relationships in the modern world. It helps that he’s hilarious (if you haven’t seen “Master of None” on Netflix, I beseech you to do so), so he presents a lot of research in a way that is both understandable and interesting. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect with this book. I worked in a bookstore for over a year, during which this book was released, and when it was shelved in the “Community & Culture” section of the store, I was confused, knowing Ansari solely for his comedy. But the research itself is solid and fascinating. Ansari’s take on it is just the icing on a very enjoyable piece of cake.

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